Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York Film Festival 2010 - Highlights

I appreciated many individual films - but here I would like to highlight "favorite ways to appreciate the adroit, almost magical editorial and curatorial process" of FSLC in creating the 2010 New York Film Festival:

-Shinoda series of twelve films.

I made a comment here as the series started; I managed to see eleven of the twelve films -- stunned by the range of subjects and techniques in Shinoda's work, from almost early-Almodovar-like brilliant color and corrosive irreverence in the early 1960s to formally elegant presentations on classical Japanese themes.

-Special events of real resonance --

Director Mike Leigh really investing himself wholly in the exploration of issues connected with his work -- Nuremberg restoration with actual participants joining us almost sixty-five years after their partcicipation

-The multiple opportunities to savor the Portuguese language in film -- 

Many participants looked forward to seeing Manoel de Oliveira's latest work - but who knew that his 1963 Rite of Spring would show up in the middle of the "Views from the Avant-garde" program. This Lusitanian thread triumphed on closing day this past weekend with Raoul Ruiz's Mysteries of Lisbon -- based in the 19th Century but shaped by the director's unique palette of surrealistic and non-linear techniques.

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